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Krishnendu Ayurveda The Ayurvedic Experts Since 1908 | About Us


Ayurvedic Treatments

Effective Ayurvedic treatment for back pain, asthma, diabetes, piles, weight loss, infertility, obesity, pimples, rheumatoid arthritis, PCOS , sinusitis, hair regrowth, knee pain, dandruff, paralysis, migrane, hair loss, hair fall, skin diseases, fibroids, knee joint pain, constipation, acidity, osteoarthritis, cholestrol, jauntice, sciatica, osteoporosis, hemorrhoids, gastric problms, spondylitis, cough, insomnia, psoriasis....more


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Ayurveda HospitalWelcome to Chingoli, Krishnendu  Ayurveda hospital, the Numero Uno blue blood ayurveda tradition since 1908. True spirits and essence of classical  ayurveda for the  challenges of modern world problems like stress,obesity and low immunity. Proven relaxation procedures,fitness programs, authentic rejuvenation and curative programs  with precise hygiene standards in a fascinating  ambiance.Rated as best in class for pure ayurveda treatments and formulations with top accreditation.

Doctor Suresh Babu Dr. Suresh Babu and Dr.Mohan Babu are the chief Physicians at Chingoli ayurveda hospital, who are the descendants of  Chingoli ayurveda family of physicians  which hails from 19th century.

Doctor Mohan Babu Krishnendu Ayurvedic Hospital is a one of its kind premier facility nestled at picturesque Chingoli, a quiet village in Alappuzha District, Kerala. This pioneering hospital, established by Late M.C.Kunjuraman Vaidyan and further developed by Vaidya Kala Nidhi. R. Krishnan Vaidyan, is a repository of rich wisdom in ayurveda and holistic medicines accumulated over four generations. The smiles we have been collecting made us the conspicuous veterans of Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala.

All medicines utilized at Krishnendu Ayurveda Hospital are prepared by strictly adhering to authentic ancient ayurvedic formulae. The therapies are performed by a respected, professional group of well-experienced Therapists. The areas of medical specialisation include Internal Medicine, Arthritis and Spine disorder, and Rejuvenation – to restore optimal health and well-being.

Krishnendu is doubly blessed. It is an institution with a wealth of knowledge acquired through tradition while its doctors are trained in modern medical colleges and hospitals. Additionally, Krishnendu is also conferred with the Green Leaf Certification – by the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala - which signifies the hospital as a genuine ayurveda institution.

  Trusted by  millions of people to bring back smile  for the aching mind and body since 1908.

green leaf certification ISO certified ayurveda hospital


Krishnendu Ayurveda Hospital: ISO 9001:2000 | Green Leaf certification

Heritage Herbals (Manufacturing Division): ISO 9001:2000 | GMP certification